A downloadable game


Struggle Offensive is a free tactical game. Create a team and fight terrorist groups !

Create Team

If you have talented friends in battle, Struggle offensive join them to create a team. 

In the battlefield there are many ways to defence lines of both sides. If you find and break the resistances in those ways you can easily overwhelm the enemies.

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/RMHG4fh

Install instructions


NOTE: Some antiviruses detect the Struggle Offensive launcher as a virus. Please disable the virus protection software and try again.

NOTE 2: If you downloaded the game, please delete it and install it again.

1- Download the game.
2 - Struggle Offensive Run Setup.exe.
3- Load the game.
4 - Click on the icon on the desktop and enter the launcher.
5 Click the Download button. (this may take a little longer)
6- You can play the play button after clicking.


Struggle Offensive 1.1.3 Build (32/64 BIT) 30 MB


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Soon there will be new updates, but not only that, I will release a new game.

wow nice!


πολύ ωραίο παιχνίδι :)


Poly CS


This game is very good


want more stuff to get more player !




this game is just a cs:go knock off, which anyone can get free on steam 



A+++ good job my friend!! cheers from argentina! :)


I'm glad you like the game :)


I really like TPS and FPS Games lm goin to try this one :)


how to fix dev?


Add more guns, maybe uniqe gun sounds, and random spawn points so you don't get spawn killed. Otherwise great game.


hello, in a future update you can add the radar. the cs go style please.





still nobody playing meh :(

um is an RAR

downloading not work

Try other options ! :)

It works!

PERFECT better than CSGO brawh

It wont download

Hocam oyunu indirdim oynadım, bir türk oyunu olarak mükemmel iş yapmışsınız.Tek diyebileceğim bu,fakat çoğu zaman oda yok gözüküyor.Yani oyunu biraz daha yaymamız lazım bence Steam Greenlight ' ta oylamaya sok oyun  biraz daha yayılır.Yeşil yakılırsa oyunu tamamen çıkarırsın Steam' dede olur felan. Yani oyunun geleceği parlak :D

one of the most amazing i've played in a while


Looks like fun, but fails to launch. 

Pastebin link to the crash output:

1- Delete the game files.
2 - Download the game again.
3 - Launch the Launcher as an administrator.

Is there any way to fix this error?

I do not know what the mistake is, but I will try to help.


The problem is as follows: https://itch.io/app expects you to upload the contents of your game to itch.io, but instead all it sees is

  • A single executable (Struggle Offensive Launcher.exe)
  • Which requires administrative privileges to run

I don't know what your Launcher does, presumably it's able to update the game

Here's what I recommend instead:

  • Use https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload the game
    • the instructions are easy to follow, promise!
  • Don't upload the launcher to itch.io, upload the actual game directly
  • Encourage users to use https://itch.io/app to play (from this thread, it seems many already do)

Using butler, you can upload up to 30GB, so size shouldn't be an issue. When uploading a new build, it'll only upload what's changed, so it'll be fast for you. Your players too will also be always up-to-date, since https://itch.io/app will download "patches" instead of redownloading the full game every release.

Finally, test it yourself using https://itch.io/app - it seems many players use it these days :) If you run into any issues, feel free to open a thread on this issue board, or to contact itch.io support directly (make sure to mention the word "butler")

Thank you for the suggestion. But we prefer to use our own launcher. Because we will continue with this launcher in the future.


Would it be possible to make your launcher work without asking for Administrator access?

It still won't be ideal, but at least it'll work for https://itch.io/app users this way!


Could you send a photo?

Whenever I try to launch the game it says an error occured while launching Struggle Offensive

Could you please tell me the error message ? or You can send photos.


It says there is an error launching it :(

We're trying to solve the problem !!

Very good game, Very good, tomorrow I get people to get a room and record for yt ♥

i cant get it to run plz help

güzel oyun

Eyv biladerim :D

Rakarnov is the king of developers 


Thx dude <3

i am Darkness of discord. whal are you?

Very Nice Game! :)

Thx dude <3

Perfect game :D

Thx dude <3

Hope this game will be multiplaier looks like low poly Battlefeald 4. :)


I think similiar csgo xD

For first look its a nice shooter game with a nice graphic. Now let's see how it works.

THX ^^